Born in France, ISAGRI provides management solutions and innovative technologies dedicated to farmers and agribusiness companies, fulfilling their needs since 1983. Thanks to its subsidiaries and its dealer network, thousands of customers use ISAGRI’s products every day in the world, in several languages.

Each solution we provide has been developed with and for farming producers. ISAGRI is the perfect partner to improve your profitability, to maximise your performance and efficiency and to comply with all legislation and certification the easiest way. Our helpdesk supports and advises our clients. Highly available, our experts help you start with your solution or improve yourselves on any function, anytime. Thus, you can master your solution and get the best out of your data.




Field Management Software

Solutions made for you
ISAGRI's field management software work perfectly for each kind of crop. Whether you run an arable farm, grow vegetables, produce fruits or just have grassland, ISAGRI’s crop management software is the right solution for your crop recordings. We can help you manage precisely your plants. Mapping, fertilization, gross margin, machinery, mobile registration and many more: choose what you need.

Administration easy as ever
Register your fields and operations, and manage all your data with a single click. Your whole information is centralized and easy to access to. You can declare your areas, respect certification by registering your inputs or plan your fertilization. Print the reports you need and sleep peacefully.

Find out what pays
Agronomic performance is useless if it is not profitable. To manage your agricultural company, you need to know your fuel consumption, check out what your employees do, or which varieties pay most. Our decision-making tools will help you improve your performance and your profitability thanks to a precision agriculture software customized for your farm management.

Connected weather station & application

Step into the world of precision with local weather data to help you make the right calls every day.


Livestock Management Software

Everything is possible
For each production, we have a management solution. Because you don’t need the same information for dairy cow, sheep or goats, each of our livestock management software contains specific modules for your own production. ISAGRI gathers practical information and remains extremely user-friendly to allow you to run different species, one or several production units, in the barn or at the office.

Improve your technical performance
Manage your animals individually or your complete herd at the same time easily with ISAGRI’s ranch software. Inventory, reproduction, sanitary, feeding, production costs... Find all the answers in one and only tool: complete herd management software.

Be connected with a powerful dairy farm management software
Our cattle management software work perfectly with most of dairy parlors, feeding systems, weighting scales and RFID technologies. Take benefits of the latest husbandry innovations to go further in your ranch management analysis and automate your work. Find out which animals are the best, survey your production criteria and make the right choice at the right time.

Optimize your cost
With ISAGRI, you will be able to monitor your margin globally or for each animal. Our herd management software allow you to optimize feeding, reduce sanitary cost, improve your reproduction results and increase your production. You can define your own goals and search for your weaknesses to become a better farmer, or compare yourself to colleagues or national statistics.

Vineyard Management Software

The solution you need
Just like most of the best wine producers in the world, choose ISAGRI as your partner to manage your production from the grape to the bottle, and benefit from years of experience of one of the global leaders in  winemaking software. ISAGRI helps you to simplify your winery management.

The best graphic overview
With ISAGRI’s vineyard tracking record, localize your property on maps and display it on aerial photos to see where your vineyards are. This is a perfect advertising tool to promote your region. You can actually also display each individual vine and use mapping to prepare your operations like planting or spraying. Do the same in the winery with a powerful winery management software and display multiple maps of your tanks, casks and barrels. Just choose your criterion (color, age, filling level, vintage, classification...) and spot your wines and blends on the cellar map.

The secret of your wine
Trace back every single operation that makes your wine so special with a wine tracking record system. Register all your work on grapes (spraying, pruning, harvesting, maturation observations...) as well as growing conditions (rainfalls, soils) and link it all to your wine quality. In the cellar, manage all your blends, monitor your alcoholic fermentation and temperature curve, and follow the history of your wine, from grape to bottle, at anytime. All your wine tracking record is secured and totally saved. You can even follow accurately your sparkling wine traceability. Our winemaking software allows you to achieve it all, and much more…