ISAGRI provides innovative farm management computer program

ISAGRI works closely with its distributors and partners around the world. Every day in contact with the end users, we team up together to advise farms. This complementarity
remains the guarantee of effective and reciprocal prosperity. Expand our operations abroad is part of our genetic. That is why ISAGRI is always looking for new distributors and partners.




Integrate a real team

Operating in agriculture and in direct contact with producers, our distributors ensure the sale, promotion and support for our farm management system. With a perfect knowledge of their customers’ needs and issues, our distributors are the perfect field interlocutor of the farmers to help them with new technologies.

Why become a distributor?

There are many reasons why you should be interested in farm management software and farming computer systems:

  • Equip your farmers and create references
  • Help your customers progress to develop your business with them
  • Collect concrete data to measure return on investment for your products and build your argumentation with concrete facts and figures
  • Enlarge your portfolio and difference yourself from your competitors
  • Attract new prospects and win market share
  • Gather information on your market and make group analysis that you can compare to national or international statistics
  • Train and advise

We usually work with equipment manufacturers, breeding companies, veterinary clinics, advisors and consultants, accountants, universities and science institutes

Why choose ISAGRI?

ISAGRI is the European leader in agriculture software, and already has a strong experience in several countries ISAGRI can bring you answer to your needs for all kind of production, size and project. The financial strength of the company and the will to intensify its presence worldwide is also a guarantee of a sustainable partnership.
Plus, thanks to an initial product and selling training, you will be efficient as quickly as one can be. Along the year, several regular trainings will help you master our software and remain on top.
You also benefit from our helpdesk as a VIP and our reactivity to support you.